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Our history

San Marcos Hotel is located in Las Canteras and its named after the area of limestone that historically the dwellers in Santillana del Mar and villages nearby were provided with stone. This area, located pretty cose to Cuevas de Altamira, was collected by José Ramón De La Pinta in 1990 and , in July 1991 , San Marcos hotel 4**** was opened with 19 rooms. The name of the hotel is an offering to San Marcos (butcher´s watcher) , that was also the bread & butter of José Ramón De La Pinta, who who run the hotel & a butcher`s shop at the same time for a long time. In 2001, Posada San Marcos was opened, a building of Cantabrian architecture with a dreamlike balcony and a majestic tower that transports the guests staying there to a medieval era. When everything is still & calm , pixies have been sent & heard by some of our guests hosted.They are told to whisper softy songs .... And these are the same pixies that encouraged José ramón to build up the whole resort. Kinda magic place ... In 2006, San Marcos hotel was opened the day the spring changed into the summertime as suggested by the Celtic Druids who lived over here long long time ago...It´s remarkable to say that the Hotel was rebuild in such a little time ... to little if noticing how many things had to be made to change the old hotel into the new one...The old building San Marcos ** was converted into San Marcos hotel **** .The building looks like a medieval fortress with its towers and imposing main façade of stone masonry & has 30 rooms .It´s the very first hotel in the village lodging 4 stars. In 2012, the Elves of the Inn take another step and whisper to the owners' ears the need to create a relax area for the indefatigable travelers who rest in their rooms and they do not hesitate to incorporate a small Spa that has been growing season after season in facilities and services.

Since then, every year, the magic in Las Canteras estate makes De La Pinta family improve the facilities of the resort. And so, at the opening of the new season, both old and new guests will be enveloped in a new San Marcos fantasy. But the tale is not over yet... In 2019 and to end up the facilities the hotel may offer, a new kind of castle is opened and named Estela the Altamira Apartments, which is located 100 mts far from the Hotel & the Inn and just in the opposite side of the road where the Zoo is .The building really looks like a small watchtower; with its tower - the brand of the house -, that will allow all the knights and princesses to stay there to enjoy the breathtaking views while listening the howling of the wolves or the roar of the lions when the sun goes down...  To be continued... Our mission The mission of the San Marcos resort is to please their guests and making their stay a "Fantasia San Marcos" with an unbeatable price-quality ratio. As José Ramón says: "We are a bussines family , our leitmotiv is to make our clients' eyes shine, encourage them to come back & enjoy San Marcos Fantasy again and recommend it in their trust circle"